Personnel Directory Instruction & Student Services

Instruction & Student Services

Vice President's Office
John R Donnelly Vice President for Instruction & Student Services M242 5205
Lisa M Shifflett Administrative Assistant M242 5206
Patricia B DeCourcy Administrative Assistant - Greene County Lobby 5353
Monica B Jackson Administrative Assistant - Greene County (Evening) Lobby 990.1131
Malena Smith Administrative Assistant - Jefferson School J129C 5256

Business, Mathematics and Technologies Division

Dean's Office
Henry (Chuck) Bohleke Dean of Business, Mathematics & Technologies M268 5348
Claudette K Borgersen Administrative Assistant M270 5347
Alice Conroy Administrative Assistant (Evening) M270 5429
Zachary Beamer Instructor of Mathematics M164A 5345
Ali Bouabid Associate Professor of Engineering M821 5232
Eric Breckoff Associate Professor of Culinary Arts J129A 6534
Wendi Dass Assistant Professor of Mathematics M164B 6592
David DuVall-Early Instructor of Computer Science M816 5413
Renee L Eves Instructor of Mathematics M253A 5494
  Math Center Coordinator  
Mike Ferero Instructor of Information Technology M171A 5244
Mark Fitzgerald Associate Professor of Electronics M821 5259
Brian Flick Associate Professor of Police Science M202 5241
Karen W Gauss Instructor of Mathematics M167 6562
Yanina Goddard Assistant Professor of Physics M272 5341
Brian Hegarty Assistant Professor of Mathematics M253B 5286
Jon Hexter Associate Professor of Mathematics M166 5439
Linda Hitt Professor of Accounting M818 5242
Jane Kingston Associate Professor of Accounting M820 5240
Murali Mahavadi Instructor of Mathematics M169 5443
Mahmood Moghimzadeh Professor of Economics M612 5250
Hunter Moore Assistant Professor of Engineering and Electronics M266 5349
William Pratt Assistant Professor of Business M273 5346
Bruce Robinson Associate Professor of Information Technology M817 5418
Irina Timchenko Assistant Professor of Mathematics M170 5440
Diane Valade Assistant Professor of Mathematics M165 5276

Health and Life Sciences Division

Dean's Office
Kathy Hudson Dean of Health & Life Sciences K218 5446
Charlotte M Glover-White Administrative Assistant K224A 5445
Ann Vanischak Administrative Assistant K224A 5431
  Clinical Compliance Coordinator  
Marcia Adams Instructor of Nursing K126 5277
Anne Allison Associate Professor of Biology K219 5238
Jane Anderson Assistant Professor of Nursing K131 5442
Karen Bloomfield Assistant Professor of Nursing K128 6521
Charemon Brooks Assistant Professor of Nursing K129 5217
Lisa Burrington Sonography Clinical Faculty K123A 6586
Matthew Cathcart Program Director/Assistant Professor of Emergency Medical Services K223 5291
Adriea Clarke Clinical Coordinator of Radiography K123A 6576
Lorraine Collins Nursing Faculty K133 5383
Rhoda Cooper Program Director/Assistant Professor of Health Information Management K225 5266
Wendy Diment Assistant Professor of Nursing K137 5356
Allen Duff Program Director/Instructor of Surgical Technology K104 5398
Patricia Franklin Associate Professor of Biology K232 5435
Barbara Heyl Professor of Chemistry K229 5234
Martha McKenna Assistant Professor of Nursing K139 5254
Steve McNerney Assistant Professor of Physical Education M179A 5269
  Student Activities Coordinator  
Juliane Milburn Associate Professor of Nursing K135 5412
David Moyer Professor of Biology K230 5262
Elaine Nichols Program Director for Diagnostic Medical Sonography K125 6582
Kristina H O'Meara Associate Professor of Nursing K127 6511
Theresa Rase Assistant Professor of Nursing K138 5340
Frances Rees Associate Professor of Chemistry K227 5476
Ann Smith Director of Nursing Programs K124 5239
Lawrence J Tiezzi Associate Instructor of Geology 5352
James True EMS Faculty M617D 5485
Joanna Vondrasek Associate Professor of Biology K225 6513
John Walsh Professor of Biology K233 5271
Nicole Winkler Assistant Professor of Radiography K220 5427
Marlena Yost Assistant Professor of Biology K227 5228

Humanities, Fine Arts and Social Sciences Division

Dean's Office
Clifford Haury Dean of Humanities, Fine Arts & Social Sciences D313 5380
Sarah Johnston Administrative Assistant D317 5382
Sherice J Paige Administrative Assistant D315 5381
Melanie Bailey Professor of History M265 5434
J. Nikol Beckham Assistant Professor of Communication Studies M614A 5216
Kay Bethea Professor of Theatre and Music D329 5387
Tom Clarkson Professor of Art D116 5219
Kit Decker Professor of Spanish D209 5373
Bruce Glassco Professor of English D206 5366
Jorge Grajales-Diaz Assistant Professor of Spanish D204 5364
John Gulley Associate Professor of Philosophy D123 5363
Kim Hoosier Professor of Sociology D205 5415
Charles J Huffman Associate Professor of Psychology D213 5372
Tom Hyder Professor of English M819 5370
Connie Jorgensen Assistant Professor of Political Science M108 5359
Jessica Kingsley Professor of English D327 5385
Jennifer Koster Associate Professor of English M617A 5478
  Writing Center Coordinator  
Colum Leckey Associate Professor of History D326 5384
Robert D McConnell Assistant Professor of Sociology M617E 5436
Nicole Oechslin Associate Professor of English D211 6528
Ann Marie Plunkett Honors Program Coordinator & Adjunct Professor of History M201 6544
Ben Sloan Professor of English D210 5386
Andrew Smith Professor of English D212 5371
Beryl Solla Professor of Art D122 5362
Kristine Swanson Assistant Professor of French D208 5306
Jeremy S Taylor Assistant Professor of Art D121 5361
Laurie Thurneck Professor of Communication Studies D328 5369
Jennifer E Tomas Assistant Professor of History M203 5249
Grace Viere Instructor of Psychology D215 6579
Justin Wert Associate Professor of English D214 6559

Workforce Services Division

Dean's Office
Valerie Palamountain Dean of Workforce Services S104 5333
AnnMarie Anderson Administrative Assistant Stultz Lobby 5351
Kim Johnson Administrative Assistant Lobby 6503
Annette Kaufman-Horner Administrative Assistant Lobby 5355
Gina Shifflett Division Administrative Assistant S113 5495
Patsy Spencer Administrative Assistant S113 5331
Ann B Craddock VA HOSA Specialist 975.1085
Sandra Mills FBLA Coordinator 869.3242
Pat O'Rourke Program Manager Marketing S102 5420
Gregory Rosko Program Manager S119 5227
Gina Shifflett Division Administrative Assistant S113 5495
Patsy Spencer Administrative Assistant S113 5331

Betty Sue Jessup Library

Linda Cahill Coordinator of Library Services M701 5304
Stephanie Morris Circulation Assistant/Evening M701 5309
Crystal Newell Circulation/Access Librarian M701 5308
Laura Skinner Reference/Instructional Librarian M700 5309
Avie Thacker Technical Services Supervisor M701 5302

Instructional Technology

John Kingsley Instructional Designer M614B 5454

Student Services

Dean's Office
Mary Lee Walsh Dean of Student Services M143 6540
Kelley Bennett Administrative Assistant M144 6581
Jennifer Gaydon Administrative Assistant M144 6581
Robyn Lane Administrative Assistant, Admissions & Advising Center M144 5264

Admissions and Advising

Helen R Dempsey-Henofer Great Expectations Advisor M129 5314
Jacquelyn Fisher Military and Veterans Advisor M132E 5282
Kristen Greer Academic Advisor M145 6564
Susan Hannifan Disability Services Counselor M125 5281
David Lerman Student Success Advisor M107 5430
Janet (Jan) Reed First Year Programs Counselor M132B 5263
Austin N Stajduhar Academic & Program Advisor M147 5224
Kemper Steele Coordinator of Advising & Transfer M141 6585
Kristin Wentland Advisor M146 6542

Admissions and Records

Jeannie Perutelli Assistant Registrar M132C 6543
Allyson Rea Registrar M132F 5223

Career Services

Beth Hochstein Student Employment Specialist M128 5336
Andre G Luck Career Services Manager M128 5231

Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit

Andrew N Renshaw Coordinator of Dual Enrollment and Off-Campus Programs M105 5484

Financial Aid

Rachel Hailey Financial Aid Counselor M136A 6547
Carol D Larson Director of Financial Aid M136 6546
Marcia Reinhold Administrative Assistant, Financial Aid M136 6545

Tutoring and Learning Centers

The Learning Center

Rob McHenry Testing Specialist M607B 5344
Glenn (Todd) T Parks Coordinator of Academic Support Services M617C 6524

The Math Center

Renee L Eves Math Center Coordinator M253A 5494

The Writing Center

Jennifer Koster Writing Center Coordinator M617A 5478

Academic and Career Expressway (ACE)